What are PV panels?

A PV panel is a device made from semi-conducting materials that allows transforming sun light into electrical energy. The most common ones are silicone PV panels.

How does a PV panel work?

When one of these semi-conducting materials is exposed to sunlight, its electrons absorb this energy and flow through the material generating an electrical current. This current is extracted through conductive metal contacts. You will now these contacts as the grid-like lines on the panels.

The electricity generated by the solar cells is DC current, that’s why the solar panels are attached to an inverter. This inverter transforms DC current into AC current. Which is the type of current used in our electrical installations.

You can read a more extended explanation here

PV panel

Planning for Rooftop PV panels on London’s Homes

You can find the suggestion made from Greater London Authority for each borough here 

Mayor of London has create an interactive map were you can see the annual estimate output The London Solar Opportunities Map. As they explain there, it  allows Londoners to estimate the potential for both PV solar panels and solar thermal installations on buildings and open land around the capital.

Although, every building will require a more detailed assessment of suitability, this interface provides an invaluable first estimate for rooftop and ground level solar technologies.

This could save money and time to potential customers before a site visit by a specialist.  

If you want to check te map by yourself, go to: https://maps.london.gov.uk/lsom/

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