EICR NICEIS commercial electrical report


Ensuring electrical safety is a top priority for property owners and landlords. One way to achieve this is through regular Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs). In this article, we provide an overview of what an EICR inspection entails, including important steps to prepare for an efficient inspection. We also discuss the recommended frequency of EICR inspections for various properties, as well as the benefits of having an up-to-date EICR report.


Preparing for an EICR Inspection:

Before our engineer conducts the EICR inspection at your property, there are several essential steps you can take to ensure a smooth and efficient process. These include:

  1. Check Your PAYG Meter: If you have a PAYG meter, ensure that it has sufficient credit to allow for the testing to take place. Our engineer will need to conduct various tests, which require power to be supplied to the property throughout the inspection process.

2. Provide Information on Your Electrical Board: When arranging a date for the inspection, please let us know the location of your electrical board. This will enable our engineer to plan for any necessary equipment, such as a ladder, to be brought to the property.


3. Clear the Area Around Your Electrical Board: In order for our engineer to fully access your electrical board and conduct a thorough inspection, the area surrounding the board must be cleared of any obstacles. This will also ensure that the inspection is carried out safely and efficiently.

4. Unplug Sensitive Equipment: If you have any sensitive equipment connected to your electrical supply, it’s recommended that you unplug it before the inspection. This will help protect your equipment from potential damage that may occur during the testing process.

Frequency of EICR Inspections:

It’s crucial to have an EICR inspection carried out regularly to ensure that your property is safe and meets legal requirements. Here are the recommended frequencies for different types of properties:

  1. Domestic Properties: EICR inspection should be carried out at least every 10 years for domestic properties.
  2. Landlords: Landlords have a legal obligation to have an EICR inspection carried out at least every 5 years, or at the start of a new tenancy.
  3. Commercial Properties: Consult with a qualified electrician to determine the appropriate frequency of inspections for commercial properties, as it can vary depending on the type of business and the electrical installation nature.

EICR Inspection Process:

During an EICR inspection, our engineer will conduct several tests to assess the condition of your electrical installation. The following are some of the key tests that may be conducted:

  1. Check for Loose Connections: Loose connections are a common issue identified in an EICR inspection, which can be a fire hazard and must be addressed promptly..
  2. Inspect Switchgear and Control Gear for Damage: Over time, switchgear and control gear can become damaged, which can lead to safety issues. An EICR inspection will identify such issues.
  3. Measure the Level of Insulation Resistance: Insulation resistance is essential for ensuring that electrical systems are safe and efficient. An EICR inspection will measure this and identify any potential issues.


Carrying out EICR inspections regularly is crucial for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your property’s electrical installation. By following the recommendations outlined in this article and addressing any issues identified in the inspection report, you can ensure ongoing safety and reliability of your electrical systems.

An up-to-date EICR report can also have practical advantages, such as helping you to comply with legal requirements, protect against potential legal issues, and assure potential buyers or tenants that your property is safe and well-maintained.

If you’re due for an EICR inspection, take the necessary steps to prepare your property before the engineer arrives. Schedule the inspection at the appropriate frequency based on your property type and use to ensure a smooth and efficient inspection. Book an EICR inspection today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands.

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